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Googles March 2024 algorithm update

Posted on 7th Apr 2024

Author: Stuart B

Read time: 1 Minute

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Have you suddenly noticed that your website isn't appearing in Google's search engine results (SERPS)?

This could be the result from the new March 2024 update that Google recently imposed.

Google has emphasized that it will be looking for useful and original content from websites that it visits. This has long been the case anyway, but this update underlines what Google has been trying to do in the past.

Google will now reduce irrelevant and unoriginal content from its search results and has stated that it promises to remove up to 40% of low-quality websites that do not serve any purpose in its eyes.

AI-written content will also be affected, so pages that you may have suddenly created using AI will start to disappear from the SERPS. Although not all AI content will be affected, it will apply to content generated that is of no use or is primarily written for SEO purposes.

Google is looking at sites that violate its guidelines on good content.
The penalties for this are already present and have been hard and fast.

Some examples of sites that will be affected include low-level link-building sites and content created solely for the purpose of SEO (search engine optimization).

In the SEO community, we are expecting to see a large number of websites de-indexed because of this update. Google, however, has said that if you have a site or page that has been affected, rewriting the content for good, unique, and original content will be considered when it re-indexes your site. So all is not lost.

Our message to you:
Write content for your users and stop building backlinks from link sites. Make your content original, and if you use AI to write it, rewrite it to make it unique. You could also use a plagiarism tool to make sure that your content isn't already appearing elsewhere.
And above all else, stop generating pages solely for SEO.

To check if your website is still indexed by Google, run a search using the following: