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Using a laptop to search on Google

Google gets rid of its continuous scroll

Posted on 4th Jul 2024

Author: Stuart B

As of June 2024, Google has reverted to its old way of showing search results by pages rather than its continuous scroll solution released i

A collection of branded products

The Importance of Corporate Branding

Posted on 21st Jun 2024

Author: Stuart B

What is corporate branding and how is it used to catapult your business forwards? We take a look at the meaning and how it should relate to

Cookies on a plate next to a laptop computer

The Accessibility Challenges of Cookie Banners

Posted on 13th Jun 2024

Author: Stuart B

Cookie banners are everywhere and can be installed very quickly, but did you know most of them are breaking laws?

Designing content for the web

Specialised Web Design. What is it?

Posted on 11th Jun 2024

Author: Stuart B

What is specialised website design and how is it different from ordinary web design? The answer is here

Group of people having a meeting

Googles March 2024 algorithm update

Posted on 7th Apr 2024

Author: Stuart B

Google imposed a new update to its algorithm in March 2024. This is a brief description of what it could mean for your website.

Artificial intellegence

The future of AI in 2024

Posted on 18th Mar 2024

Author: Stuart B

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic for years, with predictions of robots taking our jobs and machines surpassing humans.